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Enjoy a wilderness adventure holiday at a Howey Bay Resort outpost
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Welcome To Borel Lake!

Most of our guests who go to Borel Lake find it an easy lake to fish since fish seem to congregate in the same areas year after year and the lake produces a great number of walleye and northern on a regular basis. The fishery keeps improving to the point where guests are now catching walleye in the 25 to 29 inch range while at the same time catching a ‘pile’ of walleye of various sizes.

The fact that there are sections of Borel Lake over 75 feet in depth, the water is a tea stained colour, the turbidity level is high (suspended particles that are barely visible), and there are several streams coming into and leaving the lake, all are factors that make Borel Lake such a tremendous walleye fishery.

The only portage off Borel Lake is Bev Lake which guests can reach after a five minute walk. This lake has been a catch and release lake for a long time. When the winds blow from the south east walleye stack up along a particular cliff face resulting in ‘a fishing experience to remember’.

Our six-eight person cabin is the only cabin on the lake.

Our Outposts include:

  • Cabin equipped with propane gas stove, refrigerator, freezer, hot and cold running water, showers, solar powered electric lights, single beds (boxspring and mattress), woodstove heater, and all cooking and eating dishes and utensils.
  • 14ft. Aluminum boat and 1 motor for each two persons
    (spare motor at each camp)
  • Mixed gasoline
  • Air transportation from Red Lake to outpost camp and return. Since our rates are based on utilizing the aircraft both ways, it is essential that you arrive at our main camp in Red Lake in the early morning on the date you are to fly to the outpost camp.
  • Parking
  • Outpost camp checks