Fish Tales 2019 Howey Bay Resort and Outposts

WOW…It’s November already!  It seems early for the ground to be covered in snow and the small lakes all frozen with Red Lake soon to follow.  We had a busy and productive year but time flies and the seasons just pass way too quickly these days.  The Red Lake weather, just like the rest of the world, has been topsy – turvey this season.   Our ice went out on Red Lake May 13th which left us scrambling to be ready for the May 16thopener.   Fortunately, with great staff and several additional hours of work we were ready for the season and still smiling.

First on the 2019 agenda was the main camp Fish House.  You might remember the “smiling roof” that greeted you when you first drove into camp … well, the Fish House is still there but its’ roof is no longer “smiling”!  It was one long and busy week, butwe removed the front wall, the floor and the main beams…thenleveled the building with new 6×6 beams which made the roof much straighter and the floor a dream to walk on. It now has a whole new look while sporting a new front wall and a new floor.  The most memorable part of the fish house was the names and bragging rights on the wall and that was not lost.  Tom, our carpenter, and Dave and the boys carefully preserved the inside walls, numbered them and did a great job of getting most everything back in tack.

During the last few years when appliances need replacing at the outpost cabins we have been choosing to go with solar powered appliances.    They are more expensive but are easier to maintain and it eliminates some of the grunt work of hauling propane.  Odin Lake guests will now enjoy a new larger solar fridge and freezer AND a deluxe new shower!  George Lake guests will also have a new fridge.   There are always lots of things to do with general maintenance so we very much appreciate all the guys that help with the boat ramps, docks, outhouse repairs and all the numerous jobs that are accumulate over a year.

At the end of the season, our pilot, Nolan, pulled the two names from the Fish Bowl … Congratulations to the winners of a free trip  ….. drum roll… 1) Alana Steenhard from Thornton IA and 2) Brian Muhlenbruch for Mason City IA.

Fishing was good this year – it took a bit for the water to warm up with the early spring but everyone had good numbers and good sized fish.  By July things heated up a bit much and we had some large forest fires threaten our area – we were very blessed to have very little damage to our season.  Although this fall we had a wind storm that was unbelievable!!! It blew the roof off the town’s museum, and did tremendous damage throughout the town.  We lost about 50-60 large trees behind the main camp and it left the town with no power for two days… all you could hear was chainsaws and generators once the wind subsided.

The Bear Hunt was 100% successful with very happy hunters!  The weather was still warm during September and the moose hunt – late into the archery season our hunters reported seeing many animals.  John Kitch from Kansas was probably the happiest of all our hunters as he harvested a beautiful bull.

Once again, we will be on the road at sportshows in 2020.  If you are thinking about booking for 2020 season and you have some dates in mind … talk to you friends and family at Thanksgiving and call us.

We will be spending a quiet Christmas at home, as it is not our year to host our children, and will be leaving January 1st to begin shows.  Here is a list of our schedule.  Come see us or recommend us to a friend who may be interested in a fishing or hunting trip.

January 3-5 2020.   Milwaukee All Canada Show, Milwaukee County Sports Complex, Franklin, WI

January 9-12, 2020.  Chicago All Canada Show,  Pheasant Run Mega Center, St. Charles, IL

January 16-19, 2020.  Green Bay All Canada Show, Radisson Conference Center (Oneida Casino), Green Bay, WI

April 2-5, 2020.  Northwest Sportshow,  Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN

Happy Thanksgiving! We are fortunate that we get to enjoy two Thanksgivings each year – Canadian Thanksgiving in October and US Thanksgiving in November with our daughter-in-law’s family in WY.  We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with many blessings and make great memories.  We very much appreciate your friendship and business.

Dave and Margaret McLeod and the Howey Bay Gang!

STAY CONNECTED…Remember we offer free WiFi and satellite.  We regularly post on Facebook, so like us and see what’s new at Howey Bay Resort. We will post any updates ( for example: the ban on eggs) we receive from the Canadian Border officials or other news that will make your trip to Canada trouble free.  As well, we encourage you to post any photos and stories you may have on our Facebook page.  Feel free to give us a review … we love to hear from you!


Bill Stone, Green Lake, WI and Ohne Raasch, Lake Mills, WI – congratulations fellows!  You can take your trip at main camp or fly to one of our outposts – it is your choice.

We will be at the following sports shows this winter – if you are in the area or have a weekend free dropby and visit us or recommend us to someone who is looking for a great trip north to Canada.

CHICAGO IL   Jan 12-15, 2017 All Canada Show, Pheasant Run Mega Center – St. Charles. Illinois.

GREEN BAY WI   Jan 19-22, 2017 All Canada Show, Radisson Conference Center (Oneida Casino)

MILWAUKEE WI   March 8-12, 2017 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sportshow, Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center

MINNEAPOLIS MN   March 23-27, 2017   NMMA Northwest Sportshow, Minneapolis Convention Center

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