Fish Tales 2016 – Howey Bay Resort and Outposts

What a beautiful November we have had!  Red Lakers generally seem to believe if we make it to Hallowe’en without snow that life is good.  So, any good weather after that time is a gift … well we must have been very good this year as we are still working outside doing yard work (sometimes without a jacket) and the white stuff hasn’t hit u …yet!  Although all our boats and equipment are well away for the winter there are some folks that have been seen cruising on the lake on some of our sunnier days.

Unseasonably warm weather in April helped us get a very early and productive start on camp life this spring.  Dave and the boys moved full speed ahead and scraped and painted much of the main camp.  The paint gives the camp a bright, cheery look and as well, it decorated all Dave’s new work clothes for the season.  As we waited for the ice to go out there was more good weather so the boys moved on to deck building.  Cabin #2, our original log cabin, got a wonderful new deck and in the process was jacked up and leveled which was a hard but necessary job done.  Then Margaret started thinking while the boys were leveling the stairs outside the office, and suggested an extended new deck just off the front door and PRESTO a few days later it was there!  Now all the cabins in camp have covered decks which offer more living space and everyone can sit outside and enjoy their day in either rain or shine.

Once the ice went out during the night of May 5-6, Dave and the boys moved down to the water and redid the whole section of the main dock.  The ice may have been out but, the water was still ice cold as Dave found out from falling into the lake not once but twice!

With flying weather available the fellows moved on to such projects as boat ramp repairs at the outposts, a new floating dock at Pringle Lake, some landscaping and brush burning at Borel Lake and Valhalla Lake before the no burn restrict was posted by the MNR.  Why does it seem once the weather gets hot Dave decides to send the boys into the outposts to dig new outhouse holes?   It was tough, hot digging in the rocky ground but now Pringle and Borel Lakes have new outhouses. Well done guys!  And then there is the long walk off a longer dock – yep, Welcome Bay on Little Vermilion Lake has a completed dock – keep your fingers crossed that the ice is kind to us  and it next spring.

Our newest solar project was the installation of a whole new solar system at Borel Lake that now hosts a new solar freezer.  Dave says the system is tricky to install but the workload afterwards is so little that it is well worth it.  Looks like this is the route we will follow in the future.

Once again, it was a good year for fishing and some of our seasonal fishers reported that this July was the best July that they can remember in our area.  We never tire of hearing our guests wonderful fish stories and the great memories they have made with us.  Feel free to share with us and everyone on the Howey Bay Resort Facebook page.   We try to post some snapshots and events from our lives on a regular basis to keep everyone informed about life in Red Lake and  particularly at Howey Bay Resort.

The bear hunt this year was a total success – we had all of our hunters hunt on the same week so camp was a busy but happy place – the smile on a successful hunters face does not wash off easily.  Our moose hunters saw animals but the unseasonably warm weather didn’t bring the rut on during their time at the outposts so unfortunately we had no animals harvested in the archery season.  We did have one young bull harvested during the gun season.

Dave and Marg are very excited and looking forward to having their whole family home in Red Lake for Christmas.  Papa Dave has the snowmachines and snowblower ready and is anxious for the lake to freeze as he already has the lights out for the skating rink he has planned.  Bev, Marg’s Dad, is doing well at almost 93 and is living with us while Linda, 92, Marg’s mom, lives at Red Lake’s Northwood Lodge.

We wish all of our guests and their families a warm and wonderful holiday season.  Happy USA Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.    We appreciate your business and friendship and hope that we can continue to assist you and your fishing friends to make wonderful Canadian memories.

STAY CONNECTED…Remember we offer free WiFi and satellite.  We regularly post on Facebook, so like us and see what’s new at Howey Bay Resort. We will post any updates ( for example: the ban on eggs) we receive from the Canadian Border officials or other news that will make your trip to Canada trouble free.  As well, we encourage you to post any photos and stories you may have on our Facebook page.  Feel free to give us a review … we love to hear from you!


Bill Stone, Green Lake, WI and Ohne Raasch, Lake Mills, WI – congratulations fellows!  You can take your trip at main camp or fly to one of our outposts – it is your choice.

We will be at the following sports shows this winter – if you are in the area or have a weekend free dropby and visit us or recommend us to someone who is looking for a great trip north to Canada.

CHICAGO IL   Jan 12-15, 2017 All Canada Show, Pheasant Run Mega Center – St. Charles. Illinois.

GREEN BAY WI   Jan 19-22, 2017 All Canada Show, Radisson Conference Center (Oneida Casino)

MILWAUKEE WI   March 8-12, 2017 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sportshow, Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center

MINNEAPOLIS MN   March 23-27, 2017   NMMA Northwest Sportshow, Minneapolis Convention Center

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