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Enjoy a wilderness adventure holiday at a Howey Bay Resort outpost
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Welcome To Odin Lake!

The Odin chain of lakes which include Toutin, Reigate, Lillicrop, Rodie and Moose Lakes offer a wonderful variety of fishing experiences. All of these lakes have great northern and walleye fishing with several containing large walleye and Trophy northern. Reigate Lake for example contains 50 inch northern and walleye in the 25 to 28 lbs range. Since we opened Reigate Lake it has been strictly catch and release combined with barbless fishing.

There are so many bays, inlets, islands and portage lakes available that guests who have been fishing Odin for years say that they still have years of fishing ahead of them before they have fished the majority of the lake.

All portage lakes are catch and release with Odin Lake being catch and eat with a conservation licence. Walks to various portage lakes range from five to twenty minutes. There is a boat, motors and gas ready to go on each portage lake.

The cabin sleeps eight and is the only cabin on the chain of lakes.

Our Outposts include:

  • Cabin equipped with propane gas stove, refrigerator, freezer, hot and cold running water, showers, solar powered electric lights, single beds (boxspring and mattress), woodstove heater, and all cooking and eating dishes and utensils.
  • 14ft. Aluminum boat and 1 motor for each two persons(spare motor at each camp)
  • Mixed gasoline
  • Air transportation from Red Lake to outpost camp and return. Since our rates are based on utilizing the aircraft both ways, it is essential that you arrive at our main camp in Red Lake in the early morning on the date you are to fly to the outpost camp.
  • Parking
  • Outpost camp checks