Enjoy a wilderness adventure holiday at a Howey Bay Resort outpost

Howey Bay Resort Outposts

Experience the solitude of a fly-in adventure at one of our exclusive outpost cabins. Enjoy nature in the wild where you will regularly see loons, whiskey jacks, and eagles, often see beavers and otters, and occasionally see moose or caribou. In many of our locations you will be the only guests on a ‘lake of your own’.

We work hard to provide high quality facilities and equipment and keep everything as clean and tidy as possible. All locations have hot and cold running water, showers, solar powered lights, fridge, stove with oven, chest freezer, wood stove, and well equipped kitchen with all cooking and eating utensils etc. Even though the lake water is great to drink we filter it for drinking purposes. If you wish to communicate with us or your home, satellite phones are available. Our pilots will ‘drop in’ and check on you a couple of times during your stay to bring items you may need or just to say hello.

Since all of our outposts are within 40 miles flying distance of Red Lake we can provide a high standard of maintenance of our grounds, equipment and facilities and service to our guests. If you are with us for a week we generally drop in to see you two or three times depending on weather.

When you arrive at your outpost we generally arrive shortly after to bring your extra gear etc., ( at no charge ), and go over all aspects of boat operation, safety, general operation of camp systems and answer any questions you might have. Our goal is for you to feel totally relaxed and ready to get out on the lake.